12 June 2018



Move yourself in the direction of your goals and desires today

Get rid of the barriers that have held you back.

What you will get from this workshop?

 Increase self-confidence, work performance, motivation, efficiency and decision making skills

Improve self-management, time management, relationships, concentration.

Learn to let go of negative emotions like stress and anxiety, among others that harm your body and mind

Elicit your values and evaluate how you conduct your business compared to them

Align your values to meet your goals and be more congruent in your behavior

Setting SMART goals and create a winning formula  to create a compelling future for yourself

Why Do You Need A Personal Breakthrough Session?

If you are reading this page, then most likely you feel like there is something missing in your life or you are not quite satisfied with the way your life is now.

Have you ever found yourself saying:
“I wish I could stop doing…, but there is a part of me that….”
“I really want to…. but I just can’t help myself.”
I know I should not …, but I just can’t help myself.”

 You know you are more than your current self. Don’t you? So are ready to let go of the things that have held you back and ready for the new you?

Wen Yu

Customer Service Executive

Wesley, I wanted to thank you for such a transformational experience. I have learnt to trust my instincts again and be myself. I am truly thankful and hope to see you again soon.


Personal Coach

Most of all a huge thank you for your inspiration and wisdom. You have opened my eyes and heart to a new world.You are an excellent mentor and coach.


Sales & Marketing Manager

In spite of my initial reservations concerning the relevance of NLP techniques, this programme provided me with exposure to a range of powerful approaches that I have since successfully applied in the workplace. An excellent course”


  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer (ABNLP)
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach (ABNLP)
  • Gold Chancellor Award recipient, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • TEDx Speaker 
  • Trained more than 75,000 individuals from more than 100 corporations across 12 cities in 3 countries
  • Esteemed partners include Fortune 500 corporations and public listed companies include Shell, PETRONAS, Samsung, Top Glove and Google Malaysia